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Congestion Pricing: An Analysis of New York State Legislative Districts

Source: Tri-State Transportation Campaign

In October 2017, Governor Andrew Cuomo convened the Fix NYC advisory panel to find solutions to the twin crises of New York City’s mass transit meltdown and gridlock in Manhattan. In January, the Fix NYC panel released its recommendations, including a proposal for congestion pricing, which would help raise billions of dollars for public transit improvements as well as relieve traffic congestion and improve air quality throughout the region.

To shed some light on this important policy issue, Tri-State Transportation Campaign has updated its congestion pricing district-level analysis of New York State legislative districts in the region served by the MTA. In 2007, TSTC published factsheets analyzing how many commuters would be affected by congestion pricing using 2000 Census data. This year, using data from the 2011-2015 Census American Community Survey and Census Transportation Planning Products, TSTC has produced fact sheets for each of the 140 State Assembly and Senate districts in the MTA service area.

  • In all districts surveyed, only single-digit percentages of residents commute into the potential tolled zone of Manhattan

  • In the majority of districts, far higher numbers of commuters rely on public transit, with some districts having 30 public transit users for every 1 driver into the tolled zone

  • The districts with the highest number of commuters into and within the tolled zone are in Manhattan, and drivers in those districts are significantly wealthier than public transit users

The fact sheets contain every Assembly and Senate district in the MTA service area. Each includes:

  • An analysis of the percentages of commuters who would be subject to a potential toll as well as percentages who would benefit from increased funding for mass transit;

  • A breakdown of commuting patterns into the potential tolled zone, defined here as the central business district of Manhattan below 60th Street (CBD);

  • Data on median income of commuters by mode, where available.

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