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Urban diseases in the age of automobile life on the road, restrictions on traffic, license plate, and new car purchase. Is there any other possible solution to militate traffic congestion? Why implement congestion charging? Should we implement congestion charging?
On September 21, 2017, Beijing set up a low-emission area for cargo vehicles within the Sixth Ring Road for the first time, in order to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality. WRI has made great contributions to the policy implementation. This video talks about what WRI has done for the past three years to support the implementation of Low Emission Zone in Beijing.
London has a history of over 2000 years, and is an important political, financial and fashion center in the world. However, London has also been facing with "big city disease" due to population expansion, traffic congestion and air pollution. The TV program was developed with the help of the world's top think-tank,World Resources Institute. They went into London to see how London has dealt with congestion problems.

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