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About us

World Resource Institute
World Resource Institute

WRI China is a research organization that turns big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity and human well-being.


Our work is focused on five main areas: climate, energy, water, finance, sustainable cities and finance.


WRI China is associated with the World Resources Institute, a global environmental research organization. WRI‘s work spans more than 50 countries, with offices in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Europe, Mexico and the United States. Launched in 2008 with its headquarters in Beijing, WRI China builds on WRI’s 30-year history in China and strengthens our research on the ground.


Our Challenge


Natural resources are at the foundation of economic opportunity and human well-being. But today, we are depleting Earth’s resources at rates that are not sustainable, endangering economies and people’s lives. People depend on clean water, fertile land, healthy forests and a stable climate. Livable cities and clean energy are essential for a sustainable planet. We must address these urgent, global challenges this decade.


Our Vision


We envision an equitable and prosperous planet driven by the wise management of natural resources. We aspire to create a world where the actions of government, business and communities combine to eliminate poverty and sustain the natural environment for all people.

Our Approach 


Count It


We start with data. We conduct independent research and draw on the latest technology to develop new insights and recommendations. Our rigorous analysis identifies risks, unveils opportunities, and informs smart strategies. We focus our efforts on influential and emerging economies where the future of sustainability will be determined.


Change It


We use our research to influence government policies, business strategies, and civil society action. We test projects with communities, companies, and government agencies to build a strong evidence base. Then, we work with partners to deliver change on the ground that alleviates poverty and strengthens society. We hold ourselves accountable to ensure our outcomes will be bold and enduring.


Scale It


We don’t think small. Once tested, we work with partners to adopt and expand our efforts regionally and globally. We engage with decision-makers to carry out our ideas and elevate our impact. We measure success through government and business actions that improve people's lives and sustain a healthy environment.

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Rm K-M, 7/F, Tower A, The East Gate Plaza, #9Dongzhong Street Beijing, China, 100027


​Phone: 86 10 6416 5697

Fax: 86 10 6416 7567

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Rm K-M, 7/F, Tower A, The East Gate Plaza, #9 Dongzhong Street

Beijing, China, 100027


Phone: 86 10 6416 5697

Fax: 86 10 6416 7567



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