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Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone (Weaver 2007)
"Each day in 2006 there were almost 70,000 fewer vehicles entering the charging zone compared to the number that had been entering each day before charging began. . . The amount of traffic entering central London during charging hours has been cut by around 20 percent . . . It has contributed to the growth of cycling, with more people than ever before travelling by bike—there has been a 72 percent increase in the number of cyclists on the capital's major roads since 2000."

Low Emission Zone & Congestion Charging

Explore the successful experiences of London, Singapore and Stockholm that have implemented Low Emission Zone and Congestion Charging.
Discuss the application of Low Emission Zone and Congestion Charging in China
In China, trucks dominate the freight transport market and are increasing at a fast rate. In 2014, trucks moved more than 33 billion tonnes of freight in China. This accounted for more than 75 percent of total freight movement, which is 22 times higher than in 1980. As a result, trucks are the fastest-growing source of emissions from the transport sector... 
China has experienced unprecedented urbanization over the past 30 years, leading to rapid mobilization and a seven fold increase in the nation’s urban area. According to the Ministry of Housing’s China Urban Construction Statistical Yearbook, china’s built urban area grew from 7438 square kilometers (2872 square miles) in 1987 to 49773 square kilometers(19217 square miles) by 2014, a 570 percent increase.

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