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Symposium on Low-Carbon Transportation Planning in Xiong'an New Area

On Oct 27, 2018, Xiong'an Group held a low-carbon transportation symposium in Xiong'an New Area, aiming to discuss the development of transportation in the New Area. International public transport expert Paul S. Custodio, World Resources Institute China Transport Program Director LIU Daizong and leading officials from Xiong'an Group Co. and Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center attended the BBS meeting. The meeting mainly discussed the transportation planning, transportation carbon emission, public transportation development and other related issues of the New Area, so as to provide a basis for the development of Xiong'an New Area.

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Relevant information

Traffic Emissions and Pollutants

Liu Daizong, World Resources Institute China Transport Program Director

1. The Background

  • Problems facing Chinese cities

  • Traffic vs. health

2. Traffic emission measurement tool

  • Guide and tool construction

  • Chengdu case

3. International case

  • Internationally successful measures of energy saving and emission reduction

  • National mitigation and improvement of air quality plan

  • California mobility emits particulate matter and nitrogen oxides

  • California vehicle energy technology focuses on trucks and buses

  • New energy and vehicle emission reduction technologies

  • London, England

  • Stockholm

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