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Urban Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Traffic Emission Reduction Training

From April 11 to 13, 2018, with the support of the Children's Investment Fund Foundation and the Hewlett Foundation, the C40 Urban Climate Leadership Alliance and the World Resources Research Institute (WRI) jointly conducted a training on urban greenhouse gas accounting and traffic emission reduction in Beijing. The purpose is to help cities understand the requirements of the International Standard for Urban Greenhouse Gas Accounting (GPC), provide technical support for peak path research at the urban level, especially in the transportation field, and discuss the formulation of energy-saving and emission reduction policies from the perspective of cost-effectiveness. More than 20 representatives from government departments, enterprises, institutions and research institutes in the fields of transportation, environment and energy in Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Qingdao and Hangzhou participated in the training..


Relevant information

Traffic emissions and pollution


1.Background introduction

  • Problems facing Chinese cities

  • Traffic VS air quality

  • Traffic VS health

  • Traffic emission reduction

2. traffic emission measurement tool

  • Object of study: traffic mode

  •  traffic emission inventory and social cost assessment tool interface

  • Tool control panel

  • Input and default emission factors

Traffic and health

Case study on health impact assessment of low emission areas in Beijing

I. health effects of air pollution

  • Pollution VS premature death

  • Air pollution VS disease burden

  • The health impact of air pollution on Pyramid

  • loss of well-being caused by air pollution

  • Health hazards of PM2.5

  • Transport policy health benefits research purposes

2. health benefit assessment of traffic policy

  • Beijing low emission area and traffic congestion pricing policy scenario design

  • Calculation of traffic emissions

  • Analysis of pollutant dispersion and concentration distribution

  • Exposure response relationship analysis

  • Health risk value assessment

Ship Emissions & Social Cost Assessment

Tanjin Municipal Transportation Commission, Tianjin Institute of Transportation Science


  • Global shipping traffic

  • Global ship carbon emissions

  • Global ship air pollutant emissions 

  • Ship emissions in port

  • Ship emissions in port city

  •  Impact on health & ecosystems 

  • Framework of ship emission impact assessment 

  • Scope and activity modes  

  • Equation of emission inventory 

  • Ship basic data,Ship activity data,Ship activity data,Emission factors

  •  Social cost evaluation of ship emissions impact

Let bicycles return to cities

1,.the basic situation of the motorcycle.

  • Why did we create a motorcycle?

  • New four inventions and green travel

  • Big data + Internet of things helps smart city


2.intelligent + green travel makes city life better.

  • Riding changes the world

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