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Congestion Mitigation and Emission Reduction Annual Workshop 2015 Policy and Public Communication


On September 6, 2015, the World Resources Institute held a seminar on the theme of “Congestion Mitigation and Emission Reduction Annual Workshop 2015 Policy and Public Communication​” at the DoubleTree by Hilton Beijing.


The rapid urbanization and motorization process in China has led to serious air pollution and traffic congestion, which has had a tremendous impact on the lives and health of urban residents, and has also caused huge losses in the social economy. In order to control the deteriorating traffic congestion and emissions, the Beijing Municipal Government issued the “Beijing Clean Air Action Plan 2013-2017” in September 2013, putting the research and implementation of the slow-blocking emission reduction policy on the agenda.


In November 2013, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission and the World Resources Institute signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in the establishment of a sustainable transportation system and a livable city. Under the framework of this memorandum of cooperation, the World Resources Institute recently cooperated with the Beijing Transportation Development Research Center and the Beijing Traffic Industry Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Center on the Clean Air Action Plan to conduct research on the congestion mitigation and emission reduction policy. This seminar will invite experts from the UK, Singapore and domestic transportation and environmental protection industries to present and exchange research results and share advanced experience in the field of traffic congestion and reducing emissions, and provide reference for Beijing and other cities to control pollution control. And ideas.

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Relevant information

Green Transport Development Plan of Beijing during the 13th Five - Year Plan Period

Beijing Municipal Conmmission of Transport: Director Ge

• Basic introduction
• Face form and requirements
• Development stage and history
• Development outlook

Beijing's motor vehicle emission pollution prevention and thinking on related issues

Director of Motor Vehicle Emission Management Office of Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau: Li Kunsheng

• The state of atmospheric environmental quality in Beijing
• Beijing Motor Vehicle Pollution Prevention and Control Calendar
• Next step of work

Study on Implementation Guildelines for Traffic Congestion Charge in  Low Emission Zones

Beijing  Transportation Development Research Center : Sun Mingzheng

• Background of the project
•"Guidelines"implementation conditions
• Implementation of the Guidelines

• Guideline Risk Identification
•Guideline guarantee package

Development of Beijing Traffic Emission Model and Its Application in Evaluation of Congestion Charge Policy in Low Emission Areas• Model introduction  •  Applications• Development outlook

Beijing Traffic Industry Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Center: Liu Ying

• Model introduction
• Development outlook

Project management of traffic congestion charging system

 former deputy director of Singapore Land Transport Bureau: Lin Shenglong

• Experience in Singapore: Manual Charging, a 10-year trip, media coverage, the Singapore Highway Electronic Charging System.
•Abstract: Popular acceptance, demand for supply management, charging policy and law enforcement policy, system robustness and            reliability, operation and maintenance
• summary

London traffic congestion pricing mechanism and low emission area

 2000-2008 vice chairman of London Transport Committee:  Dave Visser

• The origin of congestion pricing in central London
• Congestion charging operations and supervision enforcement
• The impact of the mechanism
• Lessons learned
• Low emission area

International Best Practice and Lessons from Public Communication for Road Pricing Related Policies 

BSc c.Eng MBA FIET FHKIE MVA  Asia:  Andrew Pickford

•Introduction and study objectives

•Policy background

•Stakeholder Consultation and Public Communication
•International examples
•Minimum requirements for success
•Styles of consultation
•Recommendations for Beijing

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