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Transport Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Forum

The full name of the forum is "Development Outlook Workshop 2016 on Transport Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region under the 13th Five-Year Plan Meeting ". The "13th Five-Year Plan "period is an important  period to promote balanced economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress. It is also an important period in which transportation industry should be transformed and upgraded and the industry's quality and efficiency should be improved. The year of 2016 is the start year of " the 13th Five-Year Plan". It is in urgent need to increase the understanding of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in each other's transportation energy conservation approach and strategies, which can improve the integration in approach and provide a base for their cooperation.

The meeting aims to promote the integration of energy conservation and emission reduction in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other local cities, and promote the mutual understanding and promotion of the development ideas and strategies of energy conservation and emission reduction during the 13th Five-Year Plan period Local energy conservation and emission reduction development ideas to reach a unified consensus, with a view to achieving Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional traffic pollution control of the coordinated control, and related experience to other local cities to promote.

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Relevant information

Green Transport Development Plan of Beijing during the 13th Five - Year Plan Period

Beijing Municipal Conmmission of Transport: Director Ge


Main mission:

  • Green infrastructure: to promote the construction of green transport infrastructure; to promote green infrastructure transport infrastructure; start transport infrastructure ecological restoration.

  • Green behavior awareness: to strengthen the green travel social awareness; to enhance corporate green environmental responsibility; to strengthen international cooperation and exchanges.

  • Green equipment tools: continuous optimization of the industry operating vehicle structure; with the promotion of aerated charging facilities.

  • Green technology promotion: increase energy-saving emission reduction technology product promotion; continue to strengthen the basic capacity-building.

  • Green zero carbon travel: planning to lead the source of the first walk to promote the development of bicycles; to promote the establishment of a continuous network of bicycle walking system; improve the public bicycle system.

  • Green passenger and cargo transport: green low-carbon travel; sustainable freight development.

Thoughts on the Development of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in Hebei Province during the 13th Five - year Plan.

Hebei Provincial Department of Transportation

Since the "The 12th Five-Year Plan", Hebei Province, the transport industry to fully implement the Ministry of Transport, the provincial government on green and energy-saving emission reduction arrangements for the arrangements, closely around the Ministry of Transport "green transport" and the provincial "green rise "Strategy to speed up the transformation of transport development, the development of modern transportation industry as the main line to speed up the transformation and upgrading of transport, and strive to build low-carbon, green, intelligent traffic, mainly from seven aspects to promote transportation and energy conservation in Hebei Province The realization of the goal. By 2020, the transportation structure of the province is more reasonable, the transportation infrastructure network system is more perfect, the transportation mode is more coordinated, the transportation efficiency and the service level are obviously improved, and the green transportation development has made remarkable progress: the green technology innovation ability and the promotion of the water promotion further enhance, Green environmental protection technology service system to further improve the level of transportation and information technology to further enhance the transport production efficiency to further improve the basic formation of the market economy and the system to adapt to the more perfect energy-saving emission reduction "five systems", green transport capacity The energy efficiency of greenhouse gas (CO2) has been obviously reduced, and the ecological and economic system of green environment has been developed, which has a beautiful living environment, economic and social harmony and transportation, and has made remarkable progress in energy conservation and emission reduction.

Intelligent Analysis Technology of Traffic Energy Saving and Emission Reduction and Beijing Practice

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Center of Beijing Transportation Industry


Key Technologies:


  • Multi - dimensional sensing technology for vehicle energy consumption

  • Data Quality Control Technology of Traffic Energy Consumption Based on Large Data

  • High - resolution Simulation Technology and Multi - scale Evaluation Technology for Traffic Energy Consumption Emission


Beijing has started to build a monitoring system that covers "energy consumption, fuel oil, pollutant discharge and carbon emissions" in the field of transportation since 2011, and is able to achieve a system of "traceable, decomposable and assessable, predictable and predictable" The system is being promoted in the field of Beijing and Tianjin.

Development Ideas of "The 13th Five - Year Plan" of Green Transportation.

Tanjin Municipal Transportation Commission, Tianjin Institute of Transportation Science


The basic principle:

  1. Government - led and fully promoted;

  2. Reform and innovation, sustainable development;

  3. Balanced development and coordinated development;

  4. Demonstration lead, take the lead in development.


Five special action and key projects:

  • Green transportation promotion, training and demonstration: dissemination of green transport development concept; strengthen green transport technology training and demonstration.

  • Green Transportation Talent Construction: Talent Team Construction Special Plan:;Set up a platform for exchanging skills and management experience with international advanced scientific research force.

  • Green transport science and technology innovation: increase the key technology and product development support; actively promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to vigorously promote green traffic standards, measurement testing, certification system.

  • Port ship emission control key projects: to strengthen and implement the port, ship shore power facilities and marine low sulfur oil subsidy fund management; put forward practical and feasible ship pollution prevention and control joint control work program and assessment methods.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection statistics monitoring system; to promote energy consumption on-line monitoring mechanism and database platform construction; to strengthen the traffic environment statistical platform and monitoring network construction; complete transportation to reduce emissions monitoring and evaluation system.

Thoughts and Prospects for the Development of Transportation in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei traffic integration leading group office


Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei cooperation and development, traffic integration first. Its fundamental purpose is to better complete the mitigation of non-capital functions, better support regional synergistic development and the need for new economic growth in densely populated areas. In this process, we should pay attention to deal with three aspects of the relationship:


  • Evacuation and Agglomeration: A Strategic Choice to Deal with the Development Model in the Process of Urban Function.

  • Focus and general: deal with the construction of transport infrastructure projects timing issues.

  • Construction and Management: The Problem of "Hardware" and "Software" in Handling Traffic Integration.


In the development of ideas, based on the capital city to solve the problem of disease, to ease the non-capital functions, to explore the population-intensive areas of priority development model, the formation of the new growth pole of this basic starting point to build a global competitiveness, sustainable development Of the world-class urban agglomeration as the overall goal, in close connection with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "one nuclear, two cities, three shafts, four districts, multi-node" urban system planning and industrial function layout, phased, sub- The Integrated Development of Tianjin - Hebei Transportation.

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