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The Urban Transportation E-Forum in china

In order to promote the harmonious development of urban and transportation, sustainable development, led by the China Science Center of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, the domestic urban transport field of well-known scientific research institutes, enterprises, institutions of higher learning, urban transport decision-making advisory body more than 30 units to participate The " The Urban Transportation E-Forum in china", which was formed and jointly established, was officially launched in Beijing on January 8, 2014 at 9:00 am.


The purpose of the forum activities


  1. To guide the city planning, traffic planning, traffic design, traffic management and other related industries professionals on urban transport Planning, urban transport development policy, the priority development of public transport and other areas of major issues, hot issues, the latest developments to carry out professional and efficient open discussion and exchange;

  2. To popularize and publicize the theoretical understanding, successful experience and professional advice in the field of urban transport development;

  3. To provide different types of domestic and international urban transport development of successful experience and the latest developments and other information. 


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Relevant information

The Urban Transportation E-Forum in china

HangZhou Comprehensive Transportation Research Center: Gao Yangbin


Content of policy: After 2011, Hangzhou, the traffic demand management policies have been introduced. October 8, 2011, began to implement the "stagger peak and traffic control"; in March 2014 the implementation of small passenger car "restricted purchase" policy; May 2014 " stagger peak and traffic control " upgrade ... ...


Summary of experience in demand management policies:

In the timing of choice, in the road construction climax gradually in the past, the impact of large construction of the subway when the introduction of relevant demand management policy, relatively easy to get consensus;

In the policy efforts to grasp, to gradually strengthen the gradual deepening of the strategy;

In the implementation of security, attach great importance to public opinion and public opinion, pay attention to the cultivation of urban literacy and the rational communication with the community.


Focus on the implementation of the traffic detection and implementation of the comprehensive assessment, according to the actual situation to adjust the relevant policies.

Research on the Policy of Traffic Demand Management

Beijing Transport Insititute: Sun Mingzheng


Traffic Demand Management Policy (TDM) positioning:

  • TDM policy is a systematic policy to alleviate urban traffic congestion;

  • TDM policy is the inevitable choice of urban motorization after development to a certain stage;

  • Restricted demand management policy is a good complement to the protection of public transport priority;

  • In the energy saving and emission reduction of national policy requirements, TDM policy is to achieve green transport, sustainable development of the important billing.


TDM decision process:Analysis of Urban Development Background,Multi - policy feasibility analysis,Alternative policy multi - program design primaries,Analysis of program effectiveness and benefit,Program risk point identification,Program optimization.

The Development Course and Thinking of Shanghai Transportation Demand Management Policy

Shanghai urban and rural construction and Transportation Development Research Institute:Xue Meigen


  • Vigorously give priority to the development of public transport is the need for economic and social development, is to solve the problem of urban transport inevitable choice; to improve the attractiveness of public transport is the most fundamental means to ease traffic congestion.( The only choice)

  • Control of vehicle ownership and reduction of vehicle use policy is an important measure to maintain the dynamic balance of traffic supply and demand.(Necessary means)..

  • Bus priority development in order to achieve the desired results, it must be synchronized with the traffic demand management, and focus on the coordination of the two. This process is also the process of social governance, ways and means to have a comprehensive and long-term. (Coordination with each other).

Practice and Evaluation of Parking Management in Shenzhen City

Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality: Xu Zhongping


Shenzhen City Road parking fee management is a "charge - free - and then charge" process, in the charging technology model is also an innovative project, has experienced a constant draw from the views and timely improvement of the process. From the early "widely questioned" to the present "more and more acclaimed", summed up the following key points:

The perfect legal policy guarantee is the basic point of the legality of the project implementation;

Full electronic toll, as far as possible to facilitate the public;

The two lines of revenue and expenditure management, to avoid the cash charges and charges for the use of the challenge is the key to the public recognition of the project;


Violation of zero tolerance is an effective prerequisite for the implementation of all traffic demand management policies. Project management units of the tour crew to accept the traffic police commissioned enforcement is an important factor to protect the project can be implemented.

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