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Edinburgh is the famous British cultural city, the capital of Scotland, located in the middle of the lowlands of Scotland, the southern coast of the Falls Bay. In 2002, the Edinburgh City Council proposed a plan to improve public transit and transportation infrastructure upgrades, including congestion charging policies.
Congestion Charging Policy

In 2005, Edinburgh, England, passed a resolution plans to collect traffic congestion charges from 2006 onwards. Charges are implemented in two traffic jams: 7 am to 6:30 pm in the inside area; 7 am to 10 pm in the outside area. Each time to private owners charge 2 pounds, allowing them to pass many times that day. And deliberately using the London charging technology, the implementation of the small half of the cost borne by the Government of England, is expected to reduce the collection of regional traffic congestion 15%. Income will be used to improve public transport, with about 5,000 pounds per year for new traffic projects, including public transport, parking facilities, sidewalks, road maintenance and so on. However, Edinburgh citizens generally objected to the project, with about 74.4 percent of the citizens vetoing the parliament and eventually giving up the idea of charging road users.

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