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Manchester is the UK's cotton textile center, the world's first industrial city, an important transportation hub with commercial, financial and cultural centers. The Greater Manchester congestion charge was part of a bid to the Government's Transport Innovation Fund for a £3-billion package of transport funding and the introduction of a road congestion charge for Greater Manchester.
Congestion Charging Policy

In 2006, Manchester proposed a plan for congestion charges, a charge area outside the boundary line and the inner boundary line, working day from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm to enter the outer boundary charge of £ 2, then enter the inner boundary line plus 1 pound; 16 o'clock to 18:30, the inner boundary line and the outside boundary are charged 1 pound, up to 5 pounds per day. In 2008, 79% of the public referendums of more than one million people in Manchester voted to reject the congestion charges.





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