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Durham, located in the northeast of England, is a famous tourist city with more than 500,000 tourists each year. On October 1, 2002, Durant became the first city in the UK to implement the congestion charging policy and obtained the support of most citizens after its implementation.
The Durham Road User Charge Zone

The zone is located on Durham peninsula, the home of the historic World Heritage site of Durham Cathedral and Castle, as well as the Durham Market Place, Durham Chorister School, Durham University colleges and a variety of shops and businesses.


How does it work?

It operates from 10.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Saturday (excluding bank holidays), using an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system located at the junction of Saddler Street and Claypath. The ANPR system identifies motor vehicles subject to the charge.



  • Any two wheeled motorbikes (and sidecars), mopeds and bicycles.

  • Any cash transport vehicles

  • Any vehicle being used for the purpose of delivering or collecting postal packets in the service of a universal service provider.

  • Any police, fire brigade or ambulance vehicle with police/fire brigade/ambulance logos on.

  •  Any powered wheelchair or scooter used by a disabled person.

  •  Any liveried Durham County Council vehicle (ie council vehicle with council logo on).

Rm K-M, 7/F, Tower A, The East Gate Plaza, #9 Dongzhong Street

Beijing, China, 100027


Phone: 86 10 6416 5697

Fax: 86 10 6416 7567



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