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San Francisco
San Francisco is a port city on the Pacific coast of California. It is a world-famous tourist destination and the fourth largest city in California. In 2006, San Francisco started to study how to collect city congestion fees in hopes of alleviating urban congestion and rejuvenating public transportation in cities. However, San Francisco residents generally hold opposing views.
Congestion Charging Policy

The Mobility, Access and Pricing Study (MAPS) explores the feasibility of managing congestion, reducing greenhouse gases, and supporting sustainable growth through congestion pricing. Congestion pricing involves charging drivers a user fee to drive in specific, congested areas or corridors, and using the revenue generated to fund transportation improvements, such as better transit service, road improvements, and bicycle and pedestrian projects. Our analyses indicate that a feasible "right-sized" program can be designed for San Francisco that enhances mobility and access to the downtown while maintaining economic vitality.

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